Use a Manchester Architect

Mancunian Architects are notoriously patriotic about their city. They design for real people, with real budgets, in an honest and professional way; creating spaces and places to be really proud about. 

Why use an Architect?

The RIBA has some useful guidance to help you understand why working with an Architect will add value to your project. In essence, an Architect has the skills, experience and creative thinking to help you achieve your aspirations and guide you through the design, planning and construction process. 

In the UK, it is a requirement for all Architects to be registered with the Architects Registration Board (ARB). Read more about the ARB

The Architects Registration Board has a comprehensive list of registered Architects in Greater Manchester.
RIBA have produced a search tool to help you find RIBA Chartered Architects in the UK. 


Manchester Architects offer something unique

Although we can't speak for each and every person out there... the infamous 'Northern charm' blessing our nation means that working with a Manchester Architect is set to be a down to earth, passionate and above all honest experience. The illustrious history of Manchester Architects charts Manchester's rise to prominence from 'Cottonopolis' into a pioneering European City. 

Looking for a Manchester Architect? Check out the Manchester Review for lots of information about the Architects of our city.

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